Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Waking up in Cam's grandmother's 100 year old bed the morning of Friday Feb 17th. What a dream.
We had a big day ahead so proceeded to get ourselves ready while our lovely host fixed us our morning meal. It was time for the Auckland Zoo! Way too excited as we arrived and received our giraffe stamps (special), ready with map in hand we took off.
Apparently I'd been to the zoo before as a little one but in my mind this was a whole new experience. We saw stunners from lions to turtles, giraffes to the meerkats (my faves) and everything in between. Auckland really turned on the sunshine for our weekend which made it all that much sweeter.
Next task for Friday Funday was to sort out Cam's plums for the weekend markets. I wasn't entirely sure what we were doing but they tasted good and that kept me quiet. This trip was made via visiting Cam's firefighter friend (sorry champ, names slipped my mind) who happened to live on miniature lane in little person ville.
Fletchers Fruits

Our day continued to soar. We piled into the van filled with plums and headed for Cam's family winery, Artisan Wines, located in the beauty of Oratia Valley. Lucky girls we were wined and dined whilst meeting the whole family and taking in the stunning views. Pals Andy and Matt joined us for some nibbles and a little vino tasting before we went for a stroll among the vines gathering Adam & Eve leaves for Mrs Sunde.

With full bellies and tipsy heads we had a few errands to run before making our way to Red Beach for Mr Grooten's birthday dinner. Timing was perfect for we arrived the same time as the man himself. Had a wee sneaky look around and a quick visit to the beach (located approx 5 meters from his house!) before the drinks and catch ups began to flow. After one or two glasses it was apparently an awesome idea for Ana and myself to utilise being at the beach and began flapping around in the minimal waves.
All up it was a very good day and night, although the following morning my head didn't agree.

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