Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chapter One - Thairan

First day waking up in Thailand was hot, sticky and exciting. We met Shack and Brooke for a huge buffet breakfast at the hotel and basically had a quick hello and farewell before we went our separate ways. Fair to say the girls weren't feeling their best at this point. 
We had flights mid day to Koh Samui so couldn't do much Phuket exploring this morning. We did however wander out our front door and about 100m down the road to the most amazing beach. People everywhere but still so stunning and clear blue waters. Jetskis all around and the good ol' Paraflights where a guy actually flies up in the air with you (just hanging onto a piece of rope) so he can jump off after you if you slip out of your harness. Safe.
This was also our first encounter of Thai people hussling you for money... and of course the whole "ooh sexy lady you want dvd? nice shoe for you?".
One positive from the pestering men on the streets was we found out about a party on Bangla Road that's free alcohol from 12-2am, mainly hip hop, and majority Westerners (apparently they don't let Thai people in?) It's also the stop off for Contiki tours.. could be worth a visit! Save that for Phuket trip next week.
Goodbye Patong Beach. We're off to Koh Samui!

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